iPhone 4S Review

Apple has release many new functions on the new iPhone 4s one of the most advertised is the voice assistant known as Siri. It won’t entirely substitute all commands on the iPhone but can manage many things that you do daily without the need to touch the screen. Siri currently has a women’s voice which is not possible to change to another voice. I am sure that in time Apple will allow other voices to be used. In order to use Siri the iPhone must be connected to the internet. You voice command is sent up to the Apples servers and a response is sent back, some of which can be very amusing. In order for Siri to understand your voice it is recommended that you are in a quiet room although Apple does use some noise cancellation hardware on the iPhone 4s.

iOS 5 with iCloud and iMessages

The new updates OS now comes with the iOS 5 system. Apple allows the synchronization of your photos, messages and documents across all your iOS devices with a new feature called iCloud.

Better Camera Support

The camera has also been revamped and now supports two cameras; one at front and one at the rear. The quality of the camera is 8 megapixels and allows for high resolution images and capturing HD movies. Movies are recorded at 1080 and can be viewed with much clarity on HD TVs. The video recording also boosts video stabilization for those with jittery hands. With Face time video calling feature already available the front facing camera can be used for video conversations. The built in camera can now be accessed when the iPhone is locked. Although it won’t replace a dedicated camera it does do a good job.

iPhone 4s a Compelling Purchase

There are many compelling reasons to buy an iPhone 4s one of which is Siri which also allows voice dictation and voice commands. Apple has also adds hundreds of new features in the iOS update to add more features into their phones.

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