The best Apps to Track Your iPhone if its lost or stolen

Your iPhone is full of key bits of information, you use it for emails, for taking pictures, for storing documents and more. You keep it with at all times, it’s always in your sight but what happens if you lose it? Believe it or not this happens more often than you’d think.

In fact according to Richard Querrey a blog editor at, more than 700,000 mobile phones are lost or stolen each year in the United Kingdom alone.

But, fear not, there are ways you can recover your phone even if it’s lost or stolen and here some apps to help you do just that:


iHound lets you track your iPhone’s location, remotely delete data, lock your phone and also play siren alerts if the device is used. This app is a free download; but you do need to subscribe for 3 months at $3.99 a month which lessens the appeal somewhat.

Phone Trace 4

Phone Trace 4 is another app to track your stolen or lost iPhone and gives you reports on its location in real time. It can also give you the new number of the thief. Plus you can take control of your phone and send emails and SMS.

Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy, like Phone Trace 4 lets you monitor your phone in real time. However with this app if the thief makes any phone calls or receives any, you can monitor them and generate reports to help track the phone. Mobile Spy also monitors GPS locations, SMSes sent and received, and anything viewed or modified by the thief.


Undercover uses your iPhone’s GPS information and sends push notifications that lead the thief to revealing their location. The moment the thief responds to one of them, Undercover notifies you of your iPhone’s location and can also notify a police offer if they have been assigned to you.

Motion Alarm

The Motion Alarm app will alert you using an alarm when the person who stole your phone moves. It’ll will also inform the thief that they’re being tracked. This app sends you the tracking information to your email Inbox.

Find My Friends

The app Find My Friends is completely free and can help you track your lost or stolen iPhone device. If you add another phone number to the tracker before it is lost, you can use the other phone and view your iPhone’s location on a map or list.

If Found+

Unlike the other apps, if found places its faith in the human race. The app sets your iPhone background wallpaper with a message from you. So if your iPhone has been found by someone who want’s to return it, they’ll know how to find you and return your phone.


GadgetTrak lets you use GPS to track your phone via the web. You can also send a message to the deviceand get it to take the thief’s picture and send it to your email address. You can also prevent the deletion of GadgetTrak from your iPhone.

Device Locator

Device Locator lets you take the thief’s photo remotely, sound an alarm on the device and send a message with sound. You can even enable the emergency mode remotely and lock the app to stop deletion from the web application.

So there you have it, if you have the misfortune of losing or having your iPhone stolen, there’s still some hope you can get it back using the in built GPS functionality. As anyone reading this used any of the apps successfully?

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Top 4 Android Apps that Make a Courier’s Job Easier

The world is being inundated—and we mean this in the most positive sense—with “smart” mobile devices, from tablet PCs, to mobile phones with all the capabilities of a desktop computer, to hybrids of tablets and smart phones (phones with big touch-screen displays). So it’s safe to assume that even those who take on owner driver courier work are using such devices, specifically, one that is powered by Google’s Android mobile operating system. So for those who are already Android users, here are the best four Android apps designed to make the self-employed courier do their job faster, more efficiently and even more fun than ever.

All-in-one Courier-specific Services with the Enterprise

Developed by a company called Mobile Innovations, the Enterprise Android app is designed to work with Samsung’s Galaxy Note “phablet”, precisely because of Note’s qualities, such as crystal-clear, big touch-screen display. Anyone who regularly takes on owner driver courier work who happens to be happy owners of a Samsung Galaxy Note should get the Enterprise app for several compelling reasons. For starters, the app works in conjunction with Google Maps to do its magic: the Enterprise transforms a regular Galaxy Note into an all-in-one indispensable device for couriers, allowing them to use the Note to scan barcode, capture the customer’s signature, and verify the condition of the package. This means those old separate devices that used to do the said tasks are no longer needed.

RAC Traffic Real-time Traffic Data

The Android app called RAC Traffic, designed by the motoring organisation of the same name, can approximate your location based on your phone’s signal, and at the touch of a button, sends you helpful to-the-minute traffic information about the area you are in. Needless to say, the app allows you to evade bottlenecks or queues ahead of time and find other better routes, if there’s any.

The Absolute Must-have called Google Maps

Created by the planet’s foremost search engine company, Google, Google Maps embodies all the awesomeness and high-tech capabilities its maker has been known for. Anyone who is in the business of taking on owner driver courier work and happens to have an Android device should never leave home without Google Maps installed in their mobile device, especially if you’re delivering a package to an area you are not very familiar with. Google Maps allows you to see in high detail the streets and other location-specific information regarding your destination, allowing you to proactively plan ahead. And when used in conjunction with other related apps, Google Maps can help the courier ensure nothing but efficiency. And as if that’s not enough, the app’s latest update now supports voice-based navigation—all without Google charging the user a single cent for the service.

The Comprehensive gvSIG Mini Maps

Completing our top four Android apps for those involved in processing owner driver courier work is this nifty powerful app called the gvSIG Mini Maps. What makes it powerful is the fact that it seamlessly combines data from all the major map-based services, such as Google, Open Street Map, and Bing. This means the gvSIG app takes accuracy to a new level. And for UK users, the app has released support for the now open-source Ordnance Survey data

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iPhone 5S Release Date – What the Analysts are Saying

The world of technology is abuzz with news and rumors on the iPhone 5S release date. Many people have their fingers crossed on when this is going to take place, especially as a result of the furor created by the IGZO screen was recently featured in the CES 2013 edition. Many bets have been placed on the release of this phone, with many people suggesting that the launch could be held in March of this year. This could also be indicative of the marketing strategy that Apple has deployed whereby new releases are done after 6 months in a bid to keep up with competition; the iPhone 5S release date is no exception.


Several tech websites have pointed out that the iPhone 5S release date could come a little early, in addition, they have discussed the numerous features that the product is said to have. Ranging from the Hit case which forms a protective shell around the iPhone, to the fact that it provides waterproof protection, it is little wonder that the iPhone 5S release date has created such ripples in the world of high-end Smart phones. However, some individuals wonder why the iPhone 5S will be released just a few months after its predecessor.

A number of tech info publications have discussed that this is a strategy by Apple to update products bi-annually so as to stay in sync with developments in the latest trends of technology. Therefore, it is with no shadow of doubt that the iPhone 5S release date will stir up challenges from main competitors such as Sony with the iPhone 5S vs Galaxy S4 vs Xperia Z as well as Samsung with the Galaxy range. Note that the latest release from Apple will showcase a host of different features, and of particular mention is the iPhone 5S colors. Since iPhone 5S will be available in different colors, you can rest assured that there is something to suit your preference; simply put away with the monotonous white. For this and much more on the iPhone 5S release date, keep your eyes open on this blog. We will be posting articles that are sure to keep you interested.

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Using cell phone tracking to locate one’s phone

Cell phone tracking is a useful way to keep track of one’s device. By downloading and installing software and apps that can be found in the marketplace, one you can make your cell phone easily findable with the help of GPS tracking. There is also something known as GSM tracking which does not need specialized software to be downloaded. GSM tracking works when the service provider gets a fix on the cell phone’s location with the help of triangulation or multilateration of the signals emitting and transmitting between the device and the closest cell phone towers and masts. You can also download specific apps for specific devices.

For instance cell phone tracker, LocateMyDroid is one of the useful applications for cell phone tracking. This application can be downloaded easily and within a few minutes actually. It delivers capabilities such as

  • “On command” GPS tracking. This tracking is not turned on until the phone receives the command from you.
  • Showing the phone’s location on a map
  • Online interface that will enable you to see where your phone is and
  • Compatibility with almost all major wireless carriers
  • Access to this application can be done with a Google account. There is no need for the user to create a separate account to track the phone with this Android app.

Using Google Latitude to track cell phones is also possible. It is as simple as accessing Google Latitude or even Google Maps and seeing the location of one’s phone. This is useful to locate the phones of other people too. Thus if your phone is mapped in this manner, and then it goes missing, you can use a friend’s phone and Google Maps or Google Latitude to track your own device. For this particular cell phone tracking method, you do not need to install GPS module on the device either. It is also compatible with every device that uses Google Maps.

The iPhone can become a GPS tracking device with the help of GPS Phone Tracker. This application comes from JLC Mobile and can be used for the iPad as well. As far as cell phone tracking is concerned, it is compatible with iPhone and Android devices and works by keeping track of the cell phones of friends and other people who have given you permission to track their phones. This functionality also works in the background so the battery life is extended. This permission based system means that you can track your phone with the help of someone else’s phone too.

Then there is My World GPS Tracker application that works on live GPS tracking for cell phones. This is a very useful cell phone tracking system which also enjoys the support of Google Streetview. There is also a social networking tool called BrightKite which can be used to track cell phone location. But this needs the individual to post his location. Regardless of the method or tool used to track a cell phone, it is important to keep in mind that one chooses the software that is applicable to one’s operating system and also pay attention to compatibility with service provider and the country of residence as well.

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Factory Unlock AT&T iPhone 5 Baseband 1.00.16 By IMEI

The brand new Apple’s product called iPhone 5 has released, the device has baseband version 1.00.16, which is not unlockable at the moment by using either Gevey, R-SIM, nor ultrasn0w.

But just announced their AT&T iPhone 5 unlock service which support iPhone 5 Baseband 1.00.16 unlock. This unlock process is easy as 1-2-3, simply get your IMEI and put on the available form on, make payment through PayPal (or any other payment method you prefer) and wait for the unlock confirmation.

Once you’ve received the confirmation email saying that your iPhone has been unlocked, simply restore your iPhone and you’ll get a message saying that “your iPhone has been unlocked” on iTunes.

The Apple iPhone 5 went on sale Friday September 21, 2012. The new phone had a different design, a larger 4-inch screen, LTE, and a faster processor, but they’re not sold as factory unlocked in the United States.

Using this iPhone unlock service allows you to turn AT&T iPhone 5 into Factory unlocked iPhone 5, even if you’re still under contract with AT&T.

They also have a great with Telekom Austria iPhone 5 unlock service which only takes a few minutes to hours in order to unlock your Austria-Telekom iPhone 5.

SenseiPhone always keep their unlocking service up to date. For more iPhone 5 factory unlocke service, visit their website on

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5 Reasons Why The Use Of SMS Free Websites Has Increased

Do you spend a great deal of time typing out and then sending text messages via your mobile phone? If you do and would not only like to reduce the amount of time you spend typing these messages out, and also reduce how much sending these messages cost then why not start using an online free sms service.

Certainly the Internet has changed the way we communicate dramatically with others in the last 20 years or so. As a result of this the offering of a service online that enables you to send SMS messages quickly and easily has become extremely popular. Most of the websites that offer this type of service not only allow you to send such messages to anywhere in the world but also allows you to send several messages at once.

The great thing about using these sites to send an SMS is of course they don’t charge you anything to do so. From the minute you enter the information required to the minute the message is then sent you can use these free SMS sites for nothing at all. In fact this is the main reason for why the number of people who are now choosing to use such services have chosen to do so.

Today these types of websites aren’t only popular among teenagers, but also among many businesses as well. There are numerous reasons why it is that since these sites first started to appear on the scene that they have become so popular so quickly. Below we look at just what some of these are.

Reason 1 – Most of these sites won’t actually restrict you to using just 140 characters to send a message. Many of them in fact have the ability to enable you to send messages of up to 160 characters (or more) if you want.

Reason 2 – You will find that in order to actually use these sites to send SMS free of charge is that you won’t actually need to register any details with them. All they ask you do to is provide the relevant information regarding the person who you wish to send the message to. What they want you to provide them with is the phone number of the recipient and the country where it is registered.

Reason 3 – All of these websites provide you with the freedom to be able to send your messages for free without any restrictions being placed on you. With these websites you can send as many messages as you want as many times as you want, all without being charged a single cent for doing so.

Reason 4 – These particular sites are proving very beneficial to businesses today as it enables them to divert even more traffic to their business by sending out an SMS free of charge. Not only does it help such businesses to get noticed more but helps to increase their market value.

Reason 5 – Finally what makes such sites so popular today is that they offer you complete privacy when you send out any messages through their site. Not only do they make sure that they keep the details provided safe but also ensure that your SMS free of charge is kept safe and secure.

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How to Protect Your iPhone 5 from Water Damage

How to Protect Your iPhone 5 from Water Damage

After you have purchased your long desired iPhone 5 device, you will want to keep it protected against all sorts of unhappy events that can occur when the least expected. It is true that accidents do happen, but if their occurrence will depend 60% on you and your way of offering protection, then you will do whatever it takes to enjoy its use for as long as possible. After all, you have paid some good money on this device and you wouldn’t want to have it ruined simply because you have misplaced the glass of water and it has spilled over your precious mobile phone.

Of course that you can place your iPhone every time after using in a bag or a pocket to always keep it in a safe place, but there are all sorts of inconveniences to this, the most important one being its inaccessibility. For having your iPhone protected against water damage or any spillage for that matter, you have two options.

Read on and find them out to make sure that you have at least the proper information on this aspect and make a pertinent decision on protection matter:

* The first thing that iPhone users consider in this respect is to purchase one of many iphone 5 cases. This one comes in all sorts of designs, colors and materials. But this is not always that simple. There are some features that you should consider before purchasing this case. You should look for the case to have the right spacing that allows you to charge the device, to have enough functionality of the screen and also space for audio jack. It is therefore very important to go with reliable stores selling these cases, but it wouldn’t hurt to check with online reviews of iPhone users who have bought in their turn the waterproof case. iPhone 5 cases available from Ace Case.

* The second option for keeping your iPhone protected against water damage would be to purchase iPhone insurance. There are many of these insurance providers available, but you should look for the ones who are accredited or certified into selling this coverage.

An authorized dealer must be registered under FSA – Financial Services Authority, so check for this characteristic before buying the insurance. Another safe option would be to go online and check with a reliable company selling iPhone insurance coverage at affordable costs. In this way, you won’t have to pay too much and also will always have the coverage in case something wrong happens to your iPhone not only water spillage.

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Useful iPhone Apps for Web Designers

Useful iPhone Apps for Web Designers

For the few years that have passed recently, mobile technology has experienced some useful and fascinating advancement that have made these devices great tools. This has been characterized by introduction of new apps that make work easier. Today, there are several useful iphone apps for freelance web designers and developers that have transformed the previously complicated task to an interesting task as you shall find here below:

• Web Developer Bible: this is a free iphone app meant for web designers. Just like the word Bible goes for this app, it is used as a very useful tool for reference by web developers.

• WhatterFont: this app works in a similar manner just like the free online MyFonts service where web developers upload text images to get similar font options for their use. The iphone version of this app enables its user to upload images of photos taken to find the matches that suit them best.

• Adobe: adobe is a limited version of the popular photo shop but this app is of great usefulness to web designers. With adobe, the user can easily crop, filter, rotate and adjust images and find the best saturation.

• FTP: although this is not a free app as such, it’s amazingly cheaper and every web designer can easily afford it. It is a lifesaver to web designers as they are able to upload files, view and update them regardless of where they are.

• Source viewer: the price of Source viewer makes it almost a free app as it is very low priced and the app helps web developers to look at the source code of web pages by use of iphone.

• ISEO: This free iphone app enable users to analyze a website by typing in the URL of the webpage on their iphone. It provides useful information such as keywords used as well s the web page ranking on the various search engines like Yahoo and Google.

These very useful iphone apps can help web designers to save lots of time and keep their clients happier.

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How to Find the Best Free SIM Cards in UK

You can get free SIM cards in UK that come with a number of useful and exciting features. Various different network service providers are competing with each other to offer the best free SIM cards to attract more customers to their network. The increased competition between service providers is a good thing for you since you get to enjoy the benefits that come with most cards.

A number of network providers like Vodafone, Orange, T-mobile, Tesco and O2 offer free SIM cards with very good features. Most of your needs would be covered by these features, and only on rare occasions you would have to go for a standard card to avail specific features not found on these free SIMs.

These free SIM cards are also known as ‘Pay as you go’ cards. Once you buy them, you can use them for a certain period after which you would have to top up for further usage. If you are satisfied with the features that come with the card, you can top it up and continue to use it. If you are not satisfied with it, you can just dump it and try another service provider’s free SIM card.

This is an extremely useful facility, as most service providers offer features that are different from each other. It would be a costly affair to pay for each card before trying it. But with free SIM cards, you can test them free of cost and see if you like the features they offer. If you like them, you can continue with the card; or else, you can try another one.

Vodafone offers the PAYG SIM Card which has uniform pricing even during peak hours. You also get unlimited texts and free weekend usage. You can make overseas calls to your friends and family that starts at 5p per minute.

There are a lot more service providers offering wonderful deals with added features. For a comprehensive list of Free SIM Cards in UK, you can visit O2 SIM Cards are ‘Pay As you Go’ cards with 500 MB Internet usage, unlimited texts for £10 per month and much more. Or you can go for free Tesco SIM Cards that offer half price calls and texts to any of your 5 favorite numbers in the UK. Moreover, your top up for any value is multiplied threefold. For example, if you top up for £15, you will get £45 worth of calls and texts. In fact Tesco has joined with O2, which gives you the added advantage of total coverage of almost 99% of UK users.

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A New Name in Product Search,

The internet provides many useful features that can help us in our day-to-day lives. The web has transformed how we find information and lets us find items and even make purchases online. There are many websites online, which provide useful information or attract our attention. Visiting online can also mean finding products we require without venturing outside to the shopping mall on a rainy day. You can search directly online but you maybe be inundated with many websites available.

Our review comparison site will assist you in finding the product you need. You may be in the market for the latest cell phones or cameras and the comparison portal does not fail to find the product you are looking for. The website we are reviewing is aptly called

How Does Work?

Online comparison of products is quickly becoming one of the first things that web users do to find the latest deals and cheap prices.

Much like most search engines, you type the product in the search field and the best results displayed. If you would like to fine-tune your search results for example, if you were looking for a mobile phone you can select the electronics icon found on the homepage. You are then taken to another page where you can choose the type of device you are looking for. By clicking on cell phones you presented the latest products available quickly.

Detailed Product Information

As with any good comparison search website you can click on the image of the product and find the full details of the product before making that final purchase. An enlarged image in presented and you can view different images of the product if they are available. With ratings as well as users reviews, consumers can make a more knowledgeable decision based on these review tools available. Consumers like to see ratings together with useful comments good or bad on the product left by others who have purchased the item before buying.

Custom Filters

To help finding the product easier, filters are available to quickly find all mobiles from Apple, HP or Dell or to find the exact memory you are looking. You no longer have to type for example ’512MB memory’ you can click on the filters to bring you the appropriate search results.

Big Names Included

If you want to find a laptop go to the laptops section under computers and parts provides innovative search options, this gives the full potential of With a comprehensive list of manufacturers, you can easily filter your results to the exact laptop you need, if you do not feel inclined to typing what you are looking for in the search field. Find the latest prices from top outlets including, Amazon and HP and more, this is far easier then visiting each site one at a time to find the best prices and specifications that you are after.

We highly recommend that you add this website to your bookmarks and refer primarily when looking for the latest bargains online. With quick searches and query based results, not only will you find what you are looking for you can also make savings too.

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