The best Apps to Track Your iPhone if its lost or stolen

Your iPhone is full of key bits of information, you use it for emails, for taking pictures, for storing documents and more. You keep it with at all times, it’s always in your sight but what happens if you lose it? Believe it or not this happens more often than you’d think.

In fact according to Richard Querrey a blog editor at, more than 700,000 mobile phones are lost or stolen each year in the United Kingdom alone.

But, fear not, there are ways you can recover your phone even if it’s lost or stolen and here some apps to help you do just that:


iHound lets you track your iPhone’s location, remotely delete data, lock your phone and also play siren alerts if the device is used. This app is a free download; but you do need to subscribe for 3 months at $3.99 a month which lessens the appeal somewhat.

Phone Trace 4

Phone Trace 4 is another app to track your stolen or lost iPhone and gives you reports on its location in real time. It can also give you the new number of the thief. Plus you can take control of your phone and send emails and SMS.

Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy, like Phone Trace 4 lets you monitor your phone in real time. However with this app if the thief makes any phone calls or receives any, you can monitor them and generate reports to help track the phone. Mobile Spy also monitors GPS locations, SMSes sent and received, and anything viewed or modified by the thief.


Undercover uses your iPhone’s GPS information and sends push notifications that lead the thief to revealing their location. The moment the thief responds to one of them, Undercover notifies you of your iPhone’s location and can also notify a police offer if they have been assigned to you.

Motion Alarm

The Motion Alarm app will alert you using an alarm when the person who stole your phone moves. It’ll will also inform the thief that they’re being tracked. This app sends you the tracking information to your email Inbox.

Find My Friends

The app Find My Friends is completely free and can help you track your lost or stolen iPhone device. If you add another phone number to the tracker before it is lost, you can use the other phone and view your iPhone’s location on a map or list.

If Found+

Unlike the other apps, if found places its faith in the human race. The app sets your iPhone background wallpaper with a message from you. So if your iPhone has been found by someone who want’s to return it, they’ll know how to find you and return your phone.


GadgetTrak lets you use GPS to track your phone via the web. You can also send a message to the deviceand get it to take the thief’s picture and send it to your email address. You can also prevent the deletion of GadgetTrak from your iPhone.

Device Locator

Device Locator lets you take the thief’s photo remotely, sound an alarm on the device and send a message with sound. You can even enable the emergency mode remotely and lock the app to stop deletion from the web application.

So there you have it, if you have the misfortune of losing or having your iPhone stolen, there’s still some hope you can get it back using the in built GPS functionality. As anyone reading this used any of the apps successfully?

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Create Advertising That Stays In Your Customer’s Hands 24/7

Conventional means of advertising have all but officially been toe-tagged and put to death. Radio spots are nice except for the fact that most people stream their music from the Internet or their iPod these days. The same goes with reading their local newspapers online instead of putting a couple quarters in the corner machine. TV ads are expensive and nowadays the tube just serves as background noise while people surf on their laptops. This is the demand businesses face in an effort to create advertising that sticks with their potential clients…both mentally and now physically.

custome-usbAdvertising On USB Sticks
In the past at company meet and greets a person could end up going home with 25-50 different business cards and by the end of the day remembering all the different names and companies associated is a daunting task. Now imagine among that pile of 50 business cards sits one or two promotional USB sticks and it’s not hard to guess which company made the most impact.

How Does Promoting A Business On Custom USB Sticks Work?
Imagine if all the potential clients in your market had your business web site as their Internet home page…sales would be like shooting fish in a barrel. When the recipient of your promotional memory sticks inserts it in their computer that’s just what happens. They’ll receive a short message from you and then be redirected to your company web page. If a buyer is debating between two companies on who to order with, the sure ingenuity of the USB stick has to be enough to land the sale.

What Can Be Put On The Memory Sticks?
First off, the custom USB sticks operate on a plug and play peripheral so no extra software is needed to be downloaded or installed. The drives can have any sort of promotional material that you desire including a company jingle, advertisement video, website redirect, alerts of new sales and any other sort of file you could regularly send in an email. Not only that, the USB stick itself can be imprinted with your company logo or be fashioned into a wristband or topped with a popular cartoon character.

Even the most innovative business card is forgettable but with custom USB sticks companies once again have the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. These lightweight devices make for a great direct mail piece or can even be thrown out at parades where the real candy surprise is an increase in your bottom line.

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How to Protect Your iPhone 5 from Water Damage

How to Protect Your iPhone 5 from Water Damage

After you have purchased your long desired iPhone 5 device, you will want to keep it protected against all sorts of unhappy events that can occur when the least expected. It is true that accidents do happen, but if their occurrence will depend 60% on you and your way of offering protection, then you will do whatever it takes to enjoy its use for as long as possible. After all, you have paid some good money on this device and you wouldn’t want to have it ruined simply because you have misplaced the glass of water and it has spilled over your precious mobile phone.

Of course that you can place your iPhone every time after using in a bag or a pocket to always keep it in a safe place, but there are all sorts of inconveniences to this, the most important one being its inaccessibility. For having your iPhone protected against water damage or any spillage for that matter, you have two options.

Read on and find them out to make sure that you have at least the proper information on this aspect and make a pertinent decision on protection matter:

* The first thing that iPhone users consider in this respect is to purchase one of many iphone 5 cases. This one comes in all sorts of designs, colors and materials. But this is not always that simple. There are some features that you should consider before purchasing this case. You should look for the case to have the right spacing that allows you to charge the device, to have enough functionality of the screen and also space for audio jack. It is therefore very important to go with reliable stores selling these cases, but it wouldn’t hurt to check with online reviews of iPhone users who have bought in their turn the waterproof case. iPhone 5 cases available from Ace Case.

* The second option for keeping your iPhone protected against water damage would be to purchase iPhone insurance. There are many of these insurance providers available, but you should look for the ones who are accredited or certified into selling this coverage.

An authorized dealer must be registered under FSA – Financial Services Authority, so check for this characteristic before buying the insurance. Another safe option would be to go online and check with a reliable company selling iPhone insurance coverage at affordable costs. In this way, you won’t have to pay too much and also will always have the coverage in case something wrong happens to your iPhone not only water spillage.

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Kindle – The New Best Friend of Your Child

The Amazon Kindle is a tablet to read e-books. Nowadays when people prefer to download and read books on computer, a tablet is a blessing to them as it is easy to handle and one can read numerous books without any problem. Kindle is just a perfect gadget for people who read a lot as they don’t need to carry heavy books and seat straight to read them. With this amazing gadget they can read interesting books while relaxing on couch or sofa.
The new version of Kindle has full touch screen. It has Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity which makes it a modern gadget as per young generations need. It keeps you connected with your friends all the time. You can even download e-books, e-mail document, read newspaper, library magazines, blogs and many more. This implies that this single device can work like a range of devices. It consumes very less amount of power while charging which is a big advantage.
Kindle can be the best friend of a kid:
The new generation kids are very smart and they quickly pick up the procedure to operate a new gadget. A good gadget like Kindle can be the best gadget for a kid. The reasons are:
• Easy to use: This device is really very easy to operate. Kids can also use it easily and get the full benefit of it. Once a kid gets the device, he or she won’t take much time to know all its functionalities.
• Text books all together: Kindle can be very helpful for education purpose as well. A child can read all his books through this superb device. A kid might have many subjects to study but needs only one Kindle that will have all the books related to the subjects.
• A good gaming device: Children love to play various games and Kindle can provide that feature too. One can install many games in this device. We can say that this can work as a good gaming machine for a child.
• Useful application: Many applications including Dictionary and Wikipedia can be installed here. These types of applications can help a child to get the knowledge of his desire and can improve his vocabulary.
• One device is like a range of a device: The main profit of this type of electronic device is that it can work as a multi device. One can play songs, watch videos, checking e-mails and so on. It can be good pastime of a child.
• Study is fun: When you have a cool and trendy device like this, it’s pretty obvious that study using kindle, is a great fun, just like a game. A child can read various books on kindle and can also use the internet on this amazing gadget
• Nice outlook: The primary reason of getting attracted towards Kindle is its simple but amazing outlook. It’s a sleek device with multi touch features in it. Children love to use the multi touch feature for gaming, reading etc.

Author Bio:
This post is written by Sachin. He has written on various subjects such as technology, finance, education, travel, etc. He has also written much on I See Me coupon code. If you are a book lover or wants to get some books for your kids then it is always a great idea to look for coupon code so as to make your purchase affordable. You can also get your child a kindle which will help him in learning within short time interval. He will enjoy reading books on this gadget.

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How to Connect Your Smartphone with Your Laptop

Technology has exceptionally advanced in the last decade. Today we have mobile connectivity. Besides, Desktop Computer we have Laptops, Netbook, Ultrabook, Smartphones, Tablets, Mobile phone, Internet, 3G etc. Now you can take help from VOIP and conduct overseas conference meetings from your office. Skype has simplified communication even further. Those who are using smartphones to access internet, send mails and check videos or Facebook must find out the process of connecting it to the laptop. Often you have to transfer data from this device to the other. You can also add it to make it work like a modem. This will help you while traveling.
Smartphone is a new device which can be used as a modem for your laptop and send mails or presentation. Thus, you can attend online meetings and does your office work from any place. It will help in transmitting internet signals on the laptop.

Ways of Connecting Smartphone to a Laptop

  • First, arrange an USB cable. With the USB cable, you can link the smartphone to the laptop. Both the device has to be linked. This connecting wire will help in establishing communication.
  • Check the operating system. It will be immediately connected if your laptop functions on Windows 7 or XP Professional. You can also use Vista.
  • Then click the “start” icon on the smartphone handset. You have to select the specific connection.
  • If you are connecting the USB for internet connection, then select the USB option from the list given.
  • Now, move on to the laptop screen. You will find a window open. Select the connection function on the box.
  • Next, click the “Network connections” tab on your laptop.
  • This will help in establishing a fresh network connection. Create a new connection between the two.
  • Check if the connection has developed amidst the two devices or not. This is a very essential step. If there is no connection, the internet will not work on the laptop. So, check the connection twice. This process will take some time. Restart your computer for better result.
  • Finally, when the connection is established, you can start working on the internet. Check that the files can be downloaded comfortably from the mail. This proves that the connection is perfect.

Trouble Shoot

You might face the issue while connecting the smartphone to the laptops. There can be technical trouble. You may face connectivity problem, software error or virus related issues. In these cases, the smartphone has to be taken to the finest technical persons. The technical person will be able to sync the phone to the laptop set. In this way, the problem will be solved.

Today you have technical writers and online assistance to solve such problems. But, follow the above mentioned instructions thoroughly and implement as directed. Do check twice to eliminate the virus issue. Then start connecting the two devices. It will be quick and smooth. Once the connection is established, you can send emails or presentations from anywhere. You may use this facility while traveling.

It is a true fact that the popularity of smartphones as well as laptops is increasing at a tremendous rate. Young generation wants to have both of them so as to make their life easy and entertaining. Thus, if you are too having both of them then why not learn to connect them. If you are still not having a laptop or desktop then it is the time to go for as. You can even look for hp desktop coupon so as to get your desired desktop at much affordable price. Also, you have the option of going for skinit discount code so as to add to the entertainment and make your purchase even more exciting and cost effective. When more and more people are using the latest technology and opting for smartphones, laptops etc. so as to get the best out of them then why not you? Go for the latest available gadgets today and make your life easy and entertaining.


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A New Name in Product Search,

The internet provides many useful features that can help us in our day-to-day lives. The web has transformed how we find information and lets us find items and even make purchases online. There are many websites online, which provide useful information or attract our attention. Visiting online can also mean finding products we require without venturing outside to the shopping mall on a rainy day. You can search directly online but you maybe be inundated with many websites available.

Our review comparison site will assist you in finding the product you need. You may be in the market for the latest cell phones or cameras and the comparison portal does not fail to find the product you are looking for. The website we are reviewing is aptly called

How Does Work?

Online comparison of products is quickly becoming one of the first things that web users do to find the latest deals and cheap prices.

Much like most search engines, you type the product in the search field and the best results displayed. If you would like to fine-tune your search results for example, if you were looking for a mobile phone you can select the electronics icon found on the homepage. You are then taken to another page where you can choose the type of device you are looking for. By clicking on cell phones you presented the latest products available quickly.

Detailed Product Information

As with any good comparison search website you can click on the image of the product and find the full details of the product before making that final purchase. An enlarged image in presented and you can view different images of the product if they are available. With ratings as well as users reviews, consumers can make a more knowledgeable decision based on these review tools available. Consumers like to see ratings together with useful comments good or bad on the product left by others who have purchased the item before buying.

Custom Filters

To help finding the product easier, filters are available to quickly find all mobiles from Apple, HP or Dell or to find the exact memory you are looking. You no longer have to type for example ’512MB memory’ you can click on the filters to bring you the appropriate search results.

Big Names Included

If you want to find a laptop go to the laptops section under computers and parts provides innovative search options, this gives the full potential of With a comprehensive list of manufacturers, you can easily filter your results to the exact laptop you need, if you do not feel inclined to typing what you are looking for in the search field. Find the latest prices from top outlets including, Amazon and HP and more, this is far easier then visiting each site one at a time to find the best prices and specifications that you are after.

We highly recommend that you add this website to your bookmarks and refer primarily when looking for the latest bargains online. With quick searches and query based results, not only will you find what you are looking for you can also make savings too.

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iPhone 4S Review

Apple has release many new functions on the new iPhone 4s one of the most advertised is the voice assistant known as Siri. It won’t entirely substitute all commands on the iPhone but can manage many things that you do daily without the need to touch the screen. Siri currently has a women’s voice which is not possible to change to another voice. I am sure that in time Apple will allow other voices to be used. In order to use Siri the iPhone must be connected to the internet. You voice command is sent up to the Apples servers and a response is sent back, some of which can be very amusing. In order for Siri to understand your voice it is recommended that you are in a quiet room although Apple does use some noise cancellation hardware on the iPhone 4s.

iOS 5 with iCloud and iMessages

The new updates OS now comes with the iOS 5 system. Apple allows the synchronization of your photos, messages and documents across all your iOS devices with a new feature called iCloud.

Better Camera Support

The camera has also been revamped and now supports two cameras; one at front and one at the rear. The quality of the camera is 8 megapixels and allows for high resolution images and capturing HD movies. Movies are recorded at 1080 and can be viewed with much clarity on HD TVs. The video recording also boosts video stabilization for those with jittery hands. With Face time video calling feature already available the front facing camera can be used for video conversations. The built in camera can now be accessed when the iPhone is locked. Although it won’t replace a dedicated camera it does do a good job.

iPhone 4s a Compelling Purchase

There are many compelling reasons to buy an iPhone 4s one of which is Siri which also allows voice dictation and voice commands. Apple has also adds hundreds of new features in the iOS update to add more features into their phones.

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