Blackberry Playbook Review

The new blackberry playbook has definitely soared high on user’s excitement and expectation. Its newly released product has brought the market the indisputable choice of users including the raised eyebrows if it’s really worth the swap from the already established competitors. But can the new blackberry tablet kick off the leading Apple and Android technology on the market’s stiff competition? The Blackberry Playbook can be purchased from online retailers as well as from network operators which offer free tablet PC deals. They are currently available from Vodafone and Orange.

Playbook Design

The RIM’s new Blackberry PlayBook will be surely loved by techno buddies who prefer to have a portable gadget with its remarkable 1024 x 600 pixels 7-inch clear screen size packed with fascinating touch sensitivity. The resolution is quite perfect for its size plus it has a very detailed and rich color depth making it great when it comes to viewing photos or videos. With a 425g weight, it’s surely captivating to hold this product, which is embellished with a thin sophisticated gun metal frame surrounding its entire display.

Maximum Performance

The most shocking thing about this playbook is that it extraordinarily wrapped up everything in a super-sleek 10mm-thin featuring a QNX operating system with powerful 1GHz dual-core processor, a massive RAM of 1GB, a 5-megapixel rear camera and a 3-megapixel front-facing camera with autofocus that can record a 1080p Full HD video but both without flash, Bluetooth, a fast-connecting WI-FI, USB, 1080p HD video playback with an HDMI-out port that is TV compatible, a headset jack that is 3.5mmm, a microphone and its speakers are practically one of the clearest and loudest speakers ever bundled in a tablet.

No 3G Support is a Disadvantage

Unfortunately, playbook doesn’t have a 3G support, so the WIFI is solely the way to connect to the net. Good thing is that you can connect it wirelessly to your blackberry smartphone through the BlackBerry Bridge that can let you access your emails, contacts or messenger and etc. Those looking a contract type of deals available similar to free laptop deals will be disappointed due to the lack of 3G support.

Easy Navigation with Multi-touch

Though if you’re not a previous Blackberry user, you may find this PlayBook a bit difficult to navigate since it supports a 4-finger multi-touch zooming the flicking up and down, left and right. Navigation can get even complicated at times due to its multi-touch functions but once you already get the hook of it, it certainly going to be much prettier to navigate.
Web browsing is the main spotlight of playbook. Its enthralling screen is just enough to display in full size web pages and can resize simply each pages making it accessible to adjust. The BBC iPlayer installed plays well and a Flash 10.1 and HTML5 with full support where you can enjoy playing flash games and perfectly browse YouTube videos. But despite the powerful pace of playbook especially when using its user interface accompanied with stutter-free video playback and an attractive transition between its apps, there’s apparent lag when you rotate portraits in landscape modes.
The battery life is OK since it is similar to other tablets where you can manage up to 1 to 2 days between charges depending on your usage.

Conclusion Not Yet a Leader in Tablet Devices


Clearly, BlackBerry has offered a reliable multi-functional device but very poor when compared with the iPad2. It’s truly an excellent deal for an existing Blackberry user but not good as a consumer tablet for the mass market. And if you opt to have a professional like photos, then this playbook is not for you.

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Mobile Contract with Vodafone SIM only

Mobile Usage Increase

Mobile cell phones have enjoyed enormous growth and popularity over a short period of time in our history. Mobiles are one such device that is a requirement to our daily needs. With many types of phones available mobile users seek the best contracts available. This can be from contract phones, SIM only available from providers like Vodafone which offers Vodafone SIM only to pay as you go and SIM free deals.

Get the Best Contract and Phone

A mobile phone allows us to communicate with others using our mobile phone. To get the optimal connection we must look into a provider which is dependable and offers a good network together with a handset which offers a long battery life and is reliable for daily use. We must also consider a tariff that does not cost too much and offers additional benefits if they are available. There are different type of contracts to choose from including SIM only deals, contract mobiles and PAYG.

Vodafone SIM only a Popular Choice

In the UK Vodafone is one of the most popular providers which offer Vodafone SIM only deals. Vodafone SIM only is available for mobile users looking to keep their handset with, they are a provider which offer deals for many types of usages. This includes mobile users which require SIM only internet to Blackberry SIM only deals or just simple calling plans which are affordable.

SIM only Deals are Now More Established

Of all the current offers available in the UK, SIM only deals are now well established types of contracts which are available from many of the United Kingdom telecommunication providers. Mobile consumers looking for choice will not be disappointed with the bargains which are currently available. The top UK networks are O2, Vodafone, Orange and Three offering many deals for SIM only contract seekers.
With SIM only you have the choice of contract lengths from one month to longer terms which are available with more benefits. On the 30 day contract you are in contract with the service provider for a month only and subsequently this allows you to cancel by giving your short notice period to move to another agreement by giving your 30 day notice. Here are few benefits of SIM only.

    1. Short agreements available from 30 days
    1. Cheaper than contract deals
    1. Bring your own handset
    1. No need to change mobile number

SIM only A Bargain Choice

Mobile users love a bargain and SIM only represents value and choice. Together with the option of using their own handset, this type of deals is a no brainer for many types of mobile users. Vodafone offers many types of contracts and mobile users will not be disappointed with the selection and range and prices offered by Vodafone on their Vodafone SIM only deals. Compare online today and find a deal that fits your requirements.

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What Use Is There For SEO Software In Hertfordshire’s Agencies?

Any experienced SEO marketer in Hertfordshire or anywhere else in the world is fully aware that link building, using software, is extremely dangerous for a sites long term rankings. Does this mean that your online marketing agency is not going to use software at all? The answer to this is that the use of technology through software is going to happen, largely due to the speed and accuracy of results from the tasks it is used to perform. Here are some of those uses that were supplied to us from here.


-         Keyword analysis: Google’s keyword tools are always used here and there are many more paid for software’s that allow an agency to look for literally hundreds of keywords for a site to try to rank for, or target through Pay Per Click. To do this manually would be far too time consuming to be a valid option.


-         Competition analysis: Making sure that you are going to stand a chance of ranking a site against its soon to be competitors is another software job. To do this thoroughly manually would be near impossible. How would you go through the back link profiles etc without software?



-         Site stats: How would you keep an eye on visitor numbers and behaviours without software? It is imperative that a Hertfordshire agency can report on what is and isn’t effective on a clients site. Google’s analytics software is often used here.


-         Back link analysis: It is incredibly important for the stats of any site that you may well be looking to gain a back link from, to be fully checked over. The DA, PR and Alexa are all incredibly important, so seeing an agency mull these over through a software like this (a freebie for you guys), is not unusual. If a site is weak you are less likely to want to have it targeted to help add authority to your own website.


Not Just In Hertfordshire


Seo and online marketing agencies all over the UK and the world will always utilize software technology to help their analysis and monitoring duties. Scraping for blog comments or forum links is obviously not a tactic you will see being used by any respectable Optimisation business but that doesn’t mean that a totally manual overhaul, or promotion strategy, isn’t going to involve a lot of software and technology along the way.


There are many businesses in and around Hertfordshire are ranking highly and gaining traffic as a direct result of software technology. The fact that that they are ranking at all means that the correct keywords were chosen, as well as their competition for them being low enough and the amount of traffic high enough etc, for their website to make solid progress. I don’t think that we will see less technology in SEO anytime soon, if anything I can only see it being used more. As long as this is only for the analysis and investigatory side of the business, as opposed to building dodgy links, I am happy for that to be the case.

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Amazing Features of WhatsApp for Blackberry

Smart phones are playing a very important role in our life these days. It has not only made our life simpler, but also fast and hassle free.

For instance, WhatsApp for Blackberry will allow you to share anything like images, videos or texts without any charges. Moreover, it is also quite simple to use this amazing app. According to the developers, this app will be provided free of cost for the initial year. Therefore, you will be able to download it and use without any charges or hidden costs. Basically, there are many features in this amazing app that makes it as the best and most opted app in the market today. For instance, you will be able to create groups in WhatsApp and share images or videos to the whole group. The members of the group also have an option to interact with the whole group with the chatting option.

WhatsApp for Blackberry will allow you to stay in touch with your friends or family without costing you a fortune. It does not matter what you are located, you can easily exchange texts, messages, images and videos using this amazing application.

Due to the simplicity and user friendliness of this app, it is used by millions of people around the world these days. Most of them are also really happy with the amazing features it offers. The app has taken sharing and chatting in smart phone to a new level.

Due to the increasing popularity of this app, a lot of websites and blogs on the web are providing comprehensive information about its features and functions. Regardless to the Blackberry model you use, you will be able to easily download (where to download whatsapp for blackberry) and start using this app. It is also considered as the future of sharing and chatting through smart phones.

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The best Apps to Track Your iPhone if its lost or stolen

Your iPhone is full of key bits of information, you use it for emails, for taking pictures, for storing documents and more. You keep it with at all times, it’s always in your sight but what happens if you lose it? Believe it or not this happens more often than you’d think.

In fact according to Richard Querrey a blog editor at, more than 700,000 mobile phones are lost or stolen each year in the United Kingdom alone.

But, fear not, there are ways you can recover your phone even if it’s lost or stolen and here some apps to help you do just that:


iHound lets you track your iPhone’s location, remotely delete data, lock your phone and also play siren alerts if the device is used. This app is a free download; but you do need to subscribe for 3 months at $3.99 a month which lessens the appeal somewhat.

Phone Trace 4

Phone Trace 4 is another app to track your stolen or lost iPhone and gives you reports on its location in real time. It can also give you the new number of the thief. Plus you can take control of your phone and send emails and SMS.

Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy, like Phone Trace 4 lets you monitor your phone in real time. However with this app if the thief makes any phone calls or receives any, you can monitor them and generate reports to help track the phone. Mobile Spy also monitors GPS locations, SMSes sent and received, and anything viewed or modified by the thief.


Undercover uses your iPhone’s GPS information and sends push notifications that lead the thief to revealing their location. The moment the thief responds to one of them, Undercover notifies you of your iPhone’s location and can also notify a police offer if they have been assigned to you.

Motion Alarm

The Motion Alarm app will alert you using an alarm when the person who stole your phone moves. It’ll will also inform the thief that they’re being tracked. This app sends you the tracking information to your email Inbox.

Find My Friends

The app Find My Friends is completely free and can help you track your lost or stolen iPhone device. If you add another phone number to the tracker before it is lost, you can use the other phone and view your iPhone’s location on a map or list.

If Found+

Unlike the other apps, if found places its faith in the human race. The app sets your iPhone background wallpaper with a message from you. So if your iPhone has been found by someone who want’s to return it, they’ll know how to find you and return your phone.


GadgetTrak lets you use GPS to track your phone via the web. You can also send a message to the deviceand get it to take the thief’s picture and send it to your email address. You can also prevent the deletion of GadgetTrak from your iPhone.

Device Locator

Device Locator lets you take the thief’s photo remotely, sound an alarm on the device and send a message with sound. You can even enable the emergency mode remotely and lock the app to stop deletion from the web application.

So there you have it, if you have the misfortune of losing or having your iPhone stolen, there’s still some hope you can get it back using the in built GPS functionality. As anyone reading this used any of the apps successfully?

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Best Ways to Create Photo Compositions

Got two great images, contrasting or otherwise? Why not try splicing them together? If you fancy cooking up a collage, here’s how to get started

With layers and precise editing, you can put a family member into a fantasy world, or give them a cartoon hat. You can also create collages of photos, add titles or many special effects using layers and your tools and filters. Exactly how to do it depends on the photos you’re working with, so this section isn’t so much a guide to making the image below as a quick demonstration of a few generally useful tricks. Specifically, in our example shots below, we’re going to jazz up a Halloween party shot, and help reinforce the friendly/ romantic imagery that’s going on here.

  • Here’s our basic image, with standard fixes already applied. Our two buggers are dressed as characters from the games World of Warcraft and Minecraft, and our composition is going to convey the sense of worlds colliding, without completely losing the party feel that gives it context.
  • First up, we import two pictures from the game, each of which is placed on the correct half of the screen. These are ‘Photo Layers’, resized in import to match (roughly) the resolution of the DSLR photo. It’s also possible to duplicate layers, or add an empty one for painting on details as you choose.
  • From the ‘&’ menu, we choose Fade. By default, this is vertical. By moving the points, though, we have it come in from the top-left hand corner, being careful not to reveal the line. Once it looks right, we mirror the effect on the other shot, trying to get it on roughly the same angle, reversed.
  • To make the foreground pop, we return to the ‘&’ menu, add a black-white Gradient and set it to Overlay blending. With a soft eraser, we paint out the foreground and lower the layer opacity to 25%. A second paint over our characters using a white brush, Overlay, at 10% opacity adds more brightness.
  • At this point, it’s worth playing around with options like vignettes (in Photoshop Touch, that’s a Gradient option) to see if they add anything to the image. Remember that sometimes the answer will end up being ‘no’. In this case, lens flares, text overlays and so on just distract from the composition.
  • You’re not restricted to Photoshop’s tools, though. Save and your layers remain for future editing. By saving to the Camera Roll, though, the JPEG copy can be brought into your favourite app – here in PhotoToaster – to add effects, frames and the like before being sent out or saved for online posterity.

This is a guest post by Allen who loves technology and social networks and other gadget related stuff. He is currently writing about ce4 which you can learn more about by visiting the website.

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Where Do Each Generation of Americans Get Their News Online?

Where Do Each Generation of Americans Get Their News Online?

During the early days of Internet development in the 1960s, it was originally conceived as a system for the interconnectivity of computer networks to create more stable communication. Little did these developers know that the Internet would literally explode in the 1990s, becoming not only a means of communication but also a source for up-to-date news and information from every corner of the world. Because of the speed by which news is reported on the Internet, one would think that traditional news media like television, radio, and newspapers are slowly being replaced. In reality, however, most people have chosen to get their news from a combination of sources and not just the internet.

Let us take a closer look at the online news habits of three major generations in America today, namely Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials.

Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers were born between the years 1946 and 1964, but they are usually described as belonging to the 50+ age range. This generation is erroneously believed to be the most resistant to computers, smartphones and other technological advancements. In reality, however, Boomers are just as interested in new tech, except that they are more meticulous consumers and would like to know more about the gadget first before dishing out their hard earned dollars. However, once they get involved with a particular tech, they become hooked on it. The same applies to their choices of news.

In a 2010 Pew Internet Report entitled “Understanding the Participatory News Consumer”, Boomers have been getting their news both online and through more traditional media. The report showed that 45% of Boomers prefer to get their news from portal websites like GoogleNews, AOL or Topix. 40% frequently check out websites of noted TV news organizations, like CNN, Fox or CBS, and 15% visit websites of international news organizations, such as the BBC. 36% would go to sites that specialize in certain topics of interest, including politics, entertainment, sports, and health. 36% would also check out the website of their favorite national or local newspapers while still buying these same print media the next day (6-22%).

Generation X

Generation X consists of individuals who belong to the 30-49 age range. Gen Xers have literally seen the growth of tech and have embraced its many benefits and incorporated them into their lifestyle. It is interesting to note that many of the notable pioneers in computer technology belong to Generation X, including Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak and the late Steve Jobs. Gen Xers can be just as meticulous as Boomers in their purchasing of new tech. But unlike the previous generation, they are more inclined to learn about every new gadget or device that is developed and buy them if it catches their interest. Because these Gen Xers have grown together with the Internet, it is not surprising that they have come to rely more heavily on online sources for their news. Same as Boomers, 57% of Gen Xers would first check out portal sites like GoogleNews, AOL and Topix before reading the complete details from CNN, Fox and other TV news organization websites (around 47%). Next in line are the websites of national or local newspapers at 42%. 38% would visit sites that specialize in choice topics, most notable among them are entertainment and politics. They would also subscribe to Twitter and Facebook pages of trusted news organizations and journalists.


The Millennial Generation consists of individuals between the ages of 16 and 29 years old. Not surprisingly, Millennials are more inclined to get their news from sources on the Internet via their laptops, smartphones and gadgets. 56% would first check out the headlines in GoogleNews, AOL and other portal websites, before moving on to reading more about it in comprehensive TV news organization sites, such as CNN, CBS, and Fox (46%). Around 38% would go to sites that focus on specific topics, like entertainment (E! Online and Yahoo! OMG Insider are big favorites) and sports. 30% want to get their news fresh from the source by subscribing to the Facebook and Twitter feeds of noted news organizations and journalists. Unlike the two previous generations, Millennials are not particularly inclined to read the news in newspapers and watch them on TV.

Maria writes for All IT Supported, a leading computer support company that specializes in helping non-technical users solve their technology problems.

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How to download Spotify music for free?

Do you want to download music from Spotify? It’s pretty cool that you can stream music online anytime, but it would be great if you could also download Spotify music for later listening on my cell phone or mp3 player. Well, this guide will show you how to download Spotify to MP3 music for free.

Soptify is one of the very best online music streaming services. This program offers you a free account to permit you stream varieties of music. However if you would like to download Spotify music for offline listening or use, you would likely do some searches on Google or somewhere else to find a efficient program. Now I will highly recommend a great Spotify Downloader. Here is the user instruction step-by-step.

Step1: Install the Spotify Downloader


Download Spotify downloader tool here

At the beginning, you should install and run the software.

Step2: Find Spotify Music to Download

Press the red “Record” button on the top-left corner, and then play your Spotify playlist. You will notice the software starts recording at the same time. After the record ended, you will get your music in Mp3 files the library.

Tips: if you press the button “Record” again, the process will be stoped .

Option: Transfer Spotify to iTunes

You could transfer downloaded Spotify songs to your own iPod, iPhone or iPod later. You could do this by pressing the Spotify audio track in your library and select “Add to iTunes” button.



And the powerful Spotify to MP3 Downloader not just can download Spotify online music, but additionally can record any other online music streaming from YouTube, Pandora, Vimeo, etc. With zero quality loss. And transfer the downloaded music to iTunes .

Tips: To create a ringtone, simply click on the bell icon next to the artist name in the playlist. After clicking the icon, it will open a bitmap of the track, and you can select and trim sections of the track to create a ringtone at ease.

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Create Advertising That Stays In Your Customer’s Hands 24/7

Conventional means of advertising have all but officially been toe-tagged and put to death. Radio spots are nice except for the fact that most people stream their music from the Internet or their iPod these days. The same goes with reading their local newspapers online instead of putting a couple quarters in the corner machine. TV ads are expensive and nowadays the tube just serves as background noise while people surf on their laptops. This is the demand businesses face in an effort to create advertising that sticks with their potential clients…both mentally and now physically.

custome-usbAdvertising On USB Sticks
In the past at company meet and greets a person could end up going home with 25-50 different business cards and by the end of the day remembering all the different names and companies associated is a daunting task. Now imagine among that pile of 50 business cards sits one or two promotional USB sticks and it’s not hard to guess which company made the most impact.

How Does Promoting A Business On Custom USB Sticks Work?
Imagine if all the potential clients in your market had your business web site as their Internet home page…sales would be like shooting fish in a barrel. When the recipient of your promotional memory sticks inserts it in their computer that’s just what happens. They’ll receive a short message from you and then be redirected to your company web page. If a buyer is debating between two companies on who to order with, the sure ingenuity of the USB stick has to be enough to land the sale.

What Can Be Put On The Memory Sticks?
First off, the custom USB sticks operate on a plug and play peripheral so no extra software is needed to be downloaded or installed. The drives can have any sort of promotional material that you desire including a company jingle, advertisement video, website redirect, alerts of new sales and any other sort of file you could regularly send in an email. Not only that, the USB stick itself can be imprinted with your company logo or be fashioned into a wristband or topped with a popular cartoon character.

Even the most innovative business card is forgettable but with custom USB sticks companies once again have the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. These lightweight devices make for a great direct mail piece or can even be thrown out at parades where the real candy surprise is an increase in your bottom line.

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Top 4 Android Apps that Make a Courier’s Job Easier

The world is being inundated—and we mean this in the most positive sense—with “smart” mobile devices, from tablet PCs, to mobile phones with all the capabilities of a desktop computer, to hybrids of tablets and smart phones (phones with big touch-screen displays). So it’s safe to assume that even those who take on owner driver courier work are using such devices, specifically, one that is powered by Google’s Android mobile operating system. So for those who are already Android users, here are the best four Android apps designed to make the self-employed courier do their job faster, more efficiently and even more fun than ever.

All-in-one Courier-specific Services with the Enterprise

Developed by a company called Mobile Innovations, the Enterprise Android app is designed to work with Samsung’s Galaxy Note “phablet”, precisely because of Note’s qualities, such as crystal-clear, big touch-screen display. Anyone who regularly takes on owner driver courier work who happens to be happy owners of a Samsung Galaxy Note should get the Enterprise app for several compelling reasons. For starters, the app works in conjunction with Google Maps to do its magic: the Enterprise transforms a regular Galaxy Note into an all-in-one indispensable device for couriers, allowing them to use the Note to scan barcode, capture the customer’s signature, and verify the condition of the package. This means those old separate devices that used to do the said tasks are no longer needed.

RAC Traffic Real-time Traffic Data

The Android app called RAC Traffic, designed by the motoring organisation of the same name, can approximate your location based on your phone’s signal, and at the touch of a button, sends you helpful to-the-minute traffic information about the area you are in. Needless to say, the app allows you to evade bottlenecks or queues ahead of time and find other better routes, if there’s any.

The Absolute Must-have called Google Maps

Created by the planet’s foremost search engine company, Google, Google Maps embodies all the awesomeness and high-tech capabilities its maker has been known for. Anyone who is in the business of taking on owner driver courier work and happens to have an Android device should never leave home without Google Maps installed in their mobile device, especially if you’re delivering a package to an area you are not very familiar with. Google Maps allows you to see in high detail the streets and other location-specific information regarding your destination, allowing you to proactively plan ahead. And when used in conjunction with other related apps, Google Maps can help the courier ensure nothing but efficiency. And as if that’s not enough, the app’s latest update now supports voice-based navigation—all without Google charging the user a single cent for the service.

The Comprehensive gvSIG Mini Maps

Completing our top four Android apps for those involved in processing owner driver courier work is this nifty powerful app called the gvSIG Mini Maps. What makes it powerful is the fact that it seamlessly combines data from all the major map-based services, such as Google, Open Street Map, and Bing. This means the gvSIG app takes accuracy to a new level. And for UK users, the app has released support for the now open-source Ordnance Survey data

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iPhone 5S Release Date – What the Analysts are Saying

The world of technology is abuzz with news and rumors on the iPhone 5S release date. Many people have their fingers crossed on when this is going to take place, especially as a result of the furor created by the IGZO screen was recently featured in the CES 2013 edition. Many bets have been placed on the release of this phone, with many people suggesting that the launch could be held in March of this year. This could also be indicative of the marketing strategy that Apple has deployed whereby new releases are done after 6 months in a bid to keep up with competition; the iPhone 5S release date is no exception.


Several tech websites have pointed out that the iPhone 5S release date could come a little early, in addition, they have discussed the numerous features that the product is said to have. Ranging from the Hit case which forms a protective shell around the iPhone, to the fact that it provides waterproof protection, it is little wonder that the iPhone 5S release date has created such ripples in the world of high-end Smart phones. However, some individuals wonder why the iPhone 5S will be released just a few months after its predecessor.

A number of tech info publications have discussed that this is a strategy by Apple to update products bi-annually so as to stay in sync with developments in the latest trends of technology. Therefore, it is with no shadow of doubt that the iPhone 5S release date will stir up challenges from main competitors such as Sony with the iPhone 5S vs Galaxy S4 vs Xperia Z as well as Samsung with the Galaxy range. Note that the latest release from Apple will showcase a host of different features, and of particular mention is the iPhone 5S colors. Since iPhone 5S will be available in different colors, you can rest assured that there is something to suit your preference; simply put away with the monotonous white. For this and much more on the iPhone 5S release date, keep your eyes open on this blog. We will be posting articles that are sure to keep you interested.

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What if iTune Fails To Back Up Your iPhone?

How would you feel if one day iTunes had a bad day and decided not to backup all of your items on your iPhone? What if your phone had a failed iOS update and your phone became corrupted and all of your data was lost?

In times like these the last thing you want is to have this happen. These days we store so much more on our iPhones. These can range from contacts, videos, audios, calling cards and way more. For some of you it may not be the end of the world but it would certainly be annoying to say the least. When this happens, it’s going to take some time to put right.iphone backup

If however there was something that could magically backup all of your important data would it be of interest? Well there are a few things you could do but they can be a bit awkward at best. Let’s take a closer look.

Hopefully your iOS can be restored via iTunes then you’ve got to re-install all of your software, data, contacts and settings (sounds like real FUN doesn’t it!). For a start you’ve got to verify you are using the latest version of iOS, Then there is the pain that with iTunes you cannot selectively sync your data, so it’s an all or nothing scenario when backing up with them, and that can take some time.

There is another workaround whereby you could sync your contacts to your GMail. This in itself takes some time as there are a few things you have to do which is quite tedious and time consuming. This really is only for your contacts and isn’t ideal if you are wanting to back up everything (including settings images, apps, settings etc.)

When it comes to performing the reverse and you wish to extract an iPhone backup, there are similar steps to repeat. Doesn’t sound like too much fun really does it? There are some exciting new and very innovative software solutions. You can use an iPhone backup extractor.

How to extract iPhone backup file and recover iPhone data

The Wondershare Dr. Fone application is available for both PC and Mac computers and can be trialled completely free of charge. It’s a welcome breath of fresh air when you think about how restrictive iTunes is. They don’t let you sync single items for backing up, it’s got to be everything (and this can take 2 hours).

With the Wondershare Dr Fone software there are just 3 steps to take.

You can backup electively or the full iPhone data and settings etc. It also works for the iPod touch 4 and iPad 1 (more to come soon). Just connect the supplied cable and run the software to access the iPhone backup extractor.

Then enter DFU mode (full simple steps provided), then preview items you want to back up and go for a backup or restore. Nice and simple. To learn more there are websites which can help you accomplish this task on the web, one of which is Wondershare Dr. Fone.

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